Kingdom Precepts 7-9-15

“Corporeity”, a world system word for “Unity”, means collectively ONE person authorized to act as one single individual. It is preserved by a succession of “members” ( ie, generations) who SURRENDER FOREVER, or… until it is dissolved by “the power that formed it”, or…by personal Forfeiture of all benefits of having been a “Member!” Corporeity is a covenant to maintain and sustain a corporation, community or church.

Hmmmmm ! No wonder God ”confused the language” of the builders of the city and tower of Babel, because their corporate unity would have enabled them to continue to do “the impossible” in the strength of Man !!! God’s promise ??

The coming Kingdom Church will turn THE WORLD back to God under His Spirit’s
Unified Corporeity !! Selah! and…Hallelujah !!!! Does this speak of YOUR place in God’s Kingdom???