Kingdom Precepts 8-29-15

Genuine Love does not require that others respond to our love toward them in a “loving” manner!! Genuine Love is exampled at the Cross. Read the complete story again! Jesus did not demand anyone to affirm Him, offer their sincere friendship, or their sympathy, let alone not asking for any encouraging words, or acts of affection.

What we do observe is that from the time of His encounters in the garden, just before He was arrested, He desired a¬†closeness with His disciples, but…they had fallen asleep! Think about that! He had spoken lovingly to them about supporting Him as He prayed through the momentous decision before Him! He comes back for some encouragement,…and finds His “sons” asleep!!! So, what did He do? He was not offended! He simply returned to pray His prayer of determined committment to the eternal plan they had previously agreed upon. There was no “poor me” attitude in Him. No! He simply proceeded as planned “before the foundation of the world.”

Our growth into maturity in Him, is born out of our own “garden experiences.” After all, if we cannot overcome our “attitudes” of self-pity without taking offense toward those who seem oblivious of the price you may have paid for their sakes, how will we ever “take up our cross” for their desparate needs?

Are we really going to demand they show their true love for us, like we think it should be displayed?? Or… are we just going to love them unto death??