Kingdom Precepts

Those very special times in/with the Holy Spirit usually express one of two results;
Another temporary, chill-bump experience with God that somehow becomes a vague memory in our Soul-Man!.(Mind, Emotions, Will)…Encouraging, but NOT
life-changing!!! Turns out to have been merely Inspirational!!! How disappointing!
Bottom line: How we listen! Listening for more info and knowledge for personal benefit? Or… to KNOW HIM???
A Life-Time, Life-Changing, Power Exchange Encounter ( Isa.40: 30,31) born in your Spirit-Man, when His Anointing was upon the Word and YOU!! That is because…
” The one thing you ask of the Lord- THE THING YOU SEEK MOST- is to LIVE IN HIS
PRESENCE all the days of your life…” (Psa. 27: 2) It is at that point of Anointing
meeting and joining anointing to anointing, when your experience is turned into a
Power Encounter with God Himself, that releases a never to be forgotten, life-changing event in your life!