More than two decades ago, a new way of thinking about Church came silently, and almost unnoticed into the Church. As with any “new” thing, especially in the Church, this new idea was viewed with a lot of skepticism and suspicion. Denominations and independent Bible scholars studied it closely. Some confidently declared it to be Biblically sound and worthy of serious adoption as a much more effective way to spread the gospel in a culture that was beginning to turn against God! Other scholars spoke worrisome warnings of this watering down of the truth, and it’s affect on the quality of Christians it would produce in “The Old Cross” Church.
Soon, those who embraced the new idea, were being featured as celebrated cover stories in the Christian magazines, TV and Radio programs. Quickly growing a large “footprint,” or testimony in the community, as it then was called, became the goal of every Pastor/Leader who had visions of his own legendary greatness dancing in his heart and mind. To be clear, there is no sin in leading a large Church. Large is not the point. Why, and…How we become large is the issue. So, for various reasons, many are caught in the getting bigger syndrome. Therefore, well developed discernment is a now a vital tool to assist every pursuer of a new Church home.

First, let’s put a face on the “New Cross Church” ! Initially, you cannot sense any difference. It sounds the same, and scripture is employed, but…the content seems to be missing something. The emphasis has changed. This message minimizes the Cross. Jesus did pay the price on the Cross for each of us! P.T.L.! However, any references to my personal death to my fleshly self-centeredness, seem to rare, if at all. In appears His death and resurrection are very necessary for my salvation, but mine doesn’t appeal to my desires for fame and fortune, without recognition to God for, or about anything. However, it is important that it be known I am a religious man.

This New Cross way doesn’t require killing my sinful nature. It does require I remain diligent, at all times, of my surroundings so my image is not sullied, either in my world or Church environments. It appears the real message is; you can be a good, and acceptable Christian, and still enjoy, with more credibility, a Christian walk that is much fun, with more potential for living to please yourself, than what the “Old Cross Church” offers.

“…To the self-assertive it says, Come assert yourself for Christ. To the egoist, it says, Come and do your boasting in the Lord. To the thrill seeker, it says, Come, have more fun in Christian fellowship. The Christian message is slanted in the current vogue in order to make it acceptable to the general public. The philosophy behind this kind of thing may be sincere but it’s sincerity does not save it from being false. It is false because it is blind. It misses completely the whole meaning of the Cross.”

“We who preach the gospel, must not see ourselves as public relations agents to establish good will between Christ and the world, and business, the press, and sports, or education. We are not diplomats. We are prophets, and our message is not a compromise but an ultimatum.” (A.W. Tozer – Man –The Dwelling Place of God)
To those who may be thinking that in my older age, I have become more than a little rigid, and a bit overly serious, narrow, and unreasonable, let me say, I only wish I had been this bold and even more brave in my younger years. The ways of man that are, or have been added to, or…adjusted from, the truth of the Word of God, causes the whole of the scripture to be compromised and therefore no longer God’s Truth! And the thing that deeply pains my heart is those who have been “saved” under this New Cross doctrine, are NOT SAVED AT ALL!!